Saturday, November 20, 2010

RlS Cure-Simple Advice To Deal With Restless Leg Syndrome.

When looking for an RLS cure it may seem if there isn't any hope. It's easy to feel that way with all of the uncertainty out there about it. Do you go with a home remedy for RLS or talk to your doctor first? Should you try some of the cures that you hear about in the magazines?

With all the "mixed signals" and misinformation it's easy to get confused. What makes matters worse is that the medical professionals aren't even sure how to treat the disorder. Pharmaceutical firms tout the latest drugs that may or may not work. At best, it's a gamble on what is really going to work.

Before going any further it's probably a good idea to try and explain exactly what this condition is. Restless leg syndrome can be best explained by the uncontrollable desire to move your legs (particularly at night). Some people struggle with it for years without ever finding something that helps.

Prescription drugs may help some people but are not always successful in many cases. That's why a natural rls cure is often far superior.

Some people can tolerate the drugs better than others. To put it simply: the cure is often worse than the disorder and accompanying symptoms.

There are some crazy "wives tales" out there about how to deal with RLS. One of them is that eating bananas will get rid of those jerking legs and arms at night. Bananas are certainly good for you but that's about they can do for you.

It just takes a lot trial and error to find something that works for you. The best thing is to look at the alternatives and make your own decision.

Doctors will readily admit that they have theories about the condition. There are drugs available that seem to help some people. The downside to this type of treatment option can't be understated. That's why it's important to keep an open mind when considering restless leg syndrome natural treatment.

If your family has a natural tendency to suffer from this condition you will have problems with it too. That is not to say that what worked for them is going to help you. Once again, every person is different.

One thing to keep in mind is the side effects that always need to be considered. In many cases, they are constantly falling asleep during the day. One of the serious tendencies that users of Requip and Mirapex (commonly prescribed drugs for RLS) have is some crazy tendencies and over indulgent behavior.

Compulsive gambling is a real serious problem for some people that take the drugs. You may experience drowsiness to the point of not even being able to drive a car safely. Obviously, this doesn't happen to everyone but it's a cause for concern.

Another problem is that medical professionals aren't even sure how to treat RLS. Some believe that the increasing the level of Dopamine in the brain will successfully deal with the problem.

Others may offer a variety of treatment options such as cutting down on your intake of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. That may help to some degree but all of these ideas don't address the real underlying causes of restless leg syndrome.

Another crazy wives tale is to put a bar of soap under the bed sheets or pillows. Your spouse may question your sanity at this point. If the bananas don't help and the soap routine doesn't work what else is left?

Over 12 million American suffer from this disorder. In many cases it is diagnosed as sleep apnea. There is a tremendous amount of difference between the two. That's why it is always a good idea to start with a natural alternative first.

Try to stay away from the herbal products that claim they can offer relief. There is so much dishonesty in selling the products that you never know if you are just flushing money down the drain. You just never know what you are getting and if it really is going to help or not.

Aside from the fact that drugs have been shown to result in some nasty side effects it's always good to start with a natural alternative first. The worst case scenario is that it isn't going to work and you will have to see a doctor eventually. With all the harmful chemicals that we put into our bodies it's just plain smart to try and stay away from one more drug if you can help it.

Cutting down on the stress in your life seems to help some people. Other find that having a regular schedule and going to bed at the same time helps. More often than not though these are temporary fixes that may help for a while. You really do need to consider other long term treatment options.

If the jerking and twitching is something that is keeps you up all night it's time to examine the alternatives. Try and remember that nature has a way of dealing with some of our problems if we just know what to do. That's why natural cures for restless leg syndrome should always be your first choice whenever possible.

Natural Cures For Restless Leg Syndrome-It's Best To Consider Them First.

Natural cures for restless leg syndrome are often scoffed at by the medical community. With all due respect it really is better to avoid costly and often dangerous drugs if at all possible.

While prescriptions are often necessary they are not always the best alternative. The pharmaceutical companies would probably argue with that statement but their objective is to make money. That is unfortunately their main goal at times.

If you have ever watched some of the pharmaceutical advertisements on the television it is a little comical. They spend a lot of time asking you if you have this or that problem. Then, they go into a discussion of how their product solves the problem. Finally the "fine print" or "boiler plate language" that attorneys are so fond of is discussed. By the time you get done, you wonder if all the risks involved in taking the drugs are worth the it.

Some of the problems that we have are due to our own poor lifestyle choices. Restless leg syndrome isn't one of them. In many cases, it is simply a hereditary by product. Your mom or dad may have had the same condition without even realizing it. That's why it's so hard to know how to stop restless leg syndrome.

The medical community freely admits that they don't know exactly what causes the disorder. Some believe that a shortage of Dopamine (a mood enhancing compound in the brain) is responsible for the condition. Others are convinced that the human nervous system is only capable of processing a limited number of signals at a time.

The usual procedure if you go to the doctor is for him or her to prescribe a couple of drugs. One is called Requip. The other is called Mirapex.

The theory behind Requip is that it helps offset the low level level of Dopamine in the brain for restless leg syndrome relief. Mirapex is commonly used for treating Parkinson's Disease. One of the biggest concerns for both drugs is the side effects involved.

Many people just can't take them because it makes them extremely drowsy during the day. It's just not safe for them to drive a car since they are just not alert. Others even fall asleep at their desk at work.

While some believe that a home remedy for RLS isn't effective there is plenty of room for debate. The best advice is probably to try the natural alternatives first. You can always consider prescription drugs at a later date if there doesn't seem to be any progress.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Remedy For RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)-Why can I do on my own?

With all the confusion about RLS it's no wonder it is such an increasing problem. While no one should try and diagnose themselves it never hurts to try a home remedy for RLS first. In fact, it's a much better option for many folks.

The medical community has never really been able to pin down exactly what causes RLS. There are a couple of "theories" and ideas about it though.

So what are your options if you are struggling with the problem?

It's probably best to try the natural route first and then consider medication if it really does become necessary. The commonly prescribed drugs are Mirapex and Requip. There is some speculation that RLS sufferers have abnormally low levels of dopamine in their brain. If you are unfamiliar with dopamine it is one of several chemicals that controls your mood.

A home remedy for RLS is vastly superior in many cases. The drugs that are often prescribed have some very nasty side effects in some cases. As crazy as it sounds, some people have an overwhelming desire to gamble when when using the medications.

Other patients often find that they are constantly drowsy during the day. Their level of alertness is drastically reduced as well. Obviously, there are trade offs that need to be considered.

Another factor to think about is the cost of the drugs. You may have insurance but there is usually a co-pay involved. Over time, that really begins to add up!

It simply takes a little bit of experimenting to find the right restless leg syndrome relief that works for you.

Some people find that massaging or reducing their intake of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol make a big difference. Unfortunately, this is usually a stop gap solution at best. It really doesn't deal with underlying causes of RLS.

RLS sufferers are twice as likely to have heart disease or a stroke. This alone should be a great cause of concern if you are exhibiting any of the symptoms. Normal sleep patterns that are constantly interrupted can lead to a whole host of other problems as well.

In short, consider wisely every rls cure you can find. Your health and longevity are in the balance.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Natural Cures For Restless Leg Syndrome-Why Go Natural Instead?

Over 12 million Americans suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). You would think that the medical community would understand the cause or that they would recommend natural cures for restless leg syndrome instead. For those that are suffering from RLS it seems like a losing battle trying to figure out what to do.

Let's stop and take a look at what RLS really is before discussing treatment options.

If you have spent many sleepness nights twitching in bed and trying to fall asleep you probably have RLS. Restless leg syndrome is also called Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome. It is basically an urge to move your body during the night to relieve discomfort.

When you move, the condition seems to subside for a while. 10 minutes later it's back and you spend the whole night this way. No wonder you wake up feeling so tired the next day!

There is a lot of debate about the best way to deal with RLS. Natural cures for restless leg syndrome are all but ignored by most physicians in many cases. After all, they are trained to listen to a patient, find out what is going on and prescribe some medication that they think is going to help.

<b>Let's be honest here...there all kinds of "wacko's" out there pushing herbal products that have never been tested or approved by the FDA.</b> You are basically on your own if you decide to go that route.

So what is a reasonable alternative to dealing with the problem?

Many people find that curtailing their intake of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco helps tremendously. That's probably a good place to start.

Unfortunately, that doesn't really help a lot of people. They try it for a while and don't see any improvement.

The next step is medication. Doctors frequently prescribe Requip and Mirapex. Mirapex is often given to patients suffering Parkinson's Disease. Without going into too much detail, the side effects often include an overwhelming desire to gamble and a sexual drive that is on hyperdrive! Your wife or husband may or may not appreciate that one! 

When taking any kind of a medication there is always a risk. Is that really the best choice when trying to figure out how to stop restless leg syndrome?

Many people are comfortable taking drugs of any kind for an extended period of time. It's always a trade off. You have to decide how much risk is involved versus the relief you are getting.

It never hurts to try the natural route first. You many find that it is the best restless leg syndrome treatment after all!