Saturday, November 20, 2010

Natural Cures For Restless Leg Syndrome-It's Best To Consider Them First.

Natural cures for restless leg syndrome are often scoffed at by the medical community. With all due respect it really is better to avoid costly and often dangerous drugs if at all possible.

While prescriptions are often necessary they are not always the best alternative. The pharmaceutical companies would probably argue with that statement but their objective is to make money. That is unfortunately their main goal at times.

If you have ever watched some of the pharmaceutical advertisements on the television it is a little comical. They spend a lot of time asking you if you have this or that problem. Then, they go into a discussion of how their product solves the problem. Finally the "fine print" or "boiler plate language" that attorneys are so fond of is discussed. By the time you get done, you wonder if all the risks involved in taking the drugs are worth the it.

Some of the problems that we have are due to our own poor lifestyle choices. Restless leg syndrome isn't one of them. In many cases, it is simply a hereditary by product. Your mom or dad may have had the same condition without even realizing it. That's why it's so hard to know how to stop restless leg syndrome.

The medical community freely admits that they don't know exactly what causes the disorder. Some believe that a shortage of Dopamine (a mood enhancing compound in the brain) is responsible for the condition. Others are convinced that the human nervous system is only capable of processing a limited number of signals at a time.

The usual procedure if you go to the doctor is for him or her to prescribe a couple of drugs. One is called Requip. The other is called Mirapex.

The theory behind Requip is that it helps offset the low level level of Dopamine in the brain for restless leg syndrome relief. Mirapex is commonly used for treating Parkinson's Disease. One of the biggest concerns for both drugs is the side effects involved.

Many people just can't take them because it makes them extremely drowsy during the day. It's just not safe for them to drive a car since they are just not alert. Others even fall asleep at their desk at work.

While some believe that a home remedy for RLS isn't effective there is plenty of room for debate. The best advice is probably to try the natural alternatives first. You can always consider prescription drugs at a later date if there doesn't seem to be any progress.

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